Language school in Chile, Valparaiso 

Visiting a language school in Chile and living with a Chilean family at the same time?! Arturo Morales and his family are offering you this opportunity. While Arturo teaches Spanish, his sister Adriana is taking care of your bed & breakfast in her homestay in Valparaiso. It is the same house, by the way. 

The family of your homestay consists of three generations, where grandma Adriana loves to cook traditional Chilean food. Every Friday there is huge meal together. The concept of Arturos school is to make you fit for a Chilean daily life by putting you in an authentic Chilean family environment. In the first half of the day you will learn Spanisch in school, in the second half of the day you can participate at the Chilean family life or the check out the lovely city of Valparaiso. The homestay / school is in a very central and secure part of Valparaiso.

Learning Spanish in small groups

Learning Spanish in little groups

No more than 5 participants per group make the learning very effective. We distinct between two different levels: Beginners without any Spanish knowledge, and an advanced class for people with a basic understanding.

Spanish for beginners in Valparaiso

Interactive learning by visiting Valparaiso

In different excursions through the city of Valparaiso you will interact with its inhabitants to get to know the Chilean daily life. For sure Arturo will be your local guide in his hometown.

Advanced Spanish in Valparaiso

Individual Spanish lessons / small groups

We are offering individual lessons as well as lessons for small group for advanced learners. Give us a brief summary of your expectations, we will prepare some Spanish lessons especially for you.

Learn Spanish now!

Send us an email with your wishes and we will prepare an individual package just for you! The Spanish language school and homestay in Valparaiso warmly welcomes you at your new home!
All the best,
Fam. Morales